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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bloomers, Their Hit Sophmore Season ....

There are so many webseries out there, how do you know which ones are good and worthy of your valuable time?  I can’t answer that question definitively but I can point you in the direction of a fun one.  Bloomers is a Friends-like series about seven 20 and 30-somethings muddling through living in Los Angeles, each with different backgrounds and lovable quirks.   Created by star Matt Palazzolo, this dramedy about everyday life in LA is refreshing in that team doesn't take themselves too seriously.  While there are moments of clarity for each character, and all try to find the meaning of their lives, the friends are ultimately there for each other through the ups and downs.- love, boyfriends, unplanned pregnancies, divorce.  I love how they interact and there is a reality to the show.  I mean how many of us have questioned who we are, why we're here, what the hell are we doing?  The audience can definitely relate, which is another reason I find the show so endearing.

Fernanda Espindola plays an underwear designer, Francesa who has to grapple with the question ‘who is the daddy’ when she ends up pregnant.  Could it be rebound guy and friend in the tight knit group, dashing Vaughan (Jay Ali) or is it her former beau Ryan?  What happens when she learns who it is?  How will her life change?  Her 'gay husband' and best friend Brooke (Matt Palazzolo), initially a blogger for Francesa’s company, is not having much luck in the love department either.  Will he ever find Mr. Right?  Luckily his career seems to be going better, now working as a writer for Wild America Magazine.  Unfortunately his boss prefers Brooke keeps his sexual preference to himself.  Can he keep up that charade and is he willing to stifle who he is for the sake of the company?  It all remains to be seen.  Meanwhile, our hot bartender Vaughn is having an identity crises and pretty much beds whom he wants, though at one point he tried to have a relationship with Karen (Holly Holstein) who abruptly cut things off.  Will she finally tell him she wants him back?  Underwear model Karen’s revolving love life looks grand next to sister’s Clarissa (Kristin Barker), who ends up moving to LA after a separation from her husband that turns into a divorce.  As a result, has she given up on men and joined the other team?  Looks like she’s willing to find out!  Then there’s the cute couple of the group, Ross (Nathan Prizzell) and Joanna (Swati Kapila).  Due to her religious beliefs, Joanna won’t have sex before marriage but that hasn’t stopped Ross from falling for her!  The two work together at the design firm and it’s been fun to watch that relationship blossom.  Will Joanna give in to her primal urges and denounce her chastity vow? Can they make it or will his diabolical, wicked witch of the west ex Lila (Calico Cooper) interfere and ruin Ross’s chances at love forever?  Every time I see her I cue the Eagles, ‘Witchy Woman’!

Already in its’ sophomore season, the shows' popularity has been rising, now No. 6 on We Love Soaps.  Don't miss today's new episode, that pays homage to ‘Law and Order’.  What happens when you wake up in the alley, underwear at your ankles, with throw up in your purse and don’t remember a thing from the night before?  Conduct an investigation of course!  Follow Karen and Joanna on their quest to find the truth!  How did she break her thumb?  Did she tell Vaughn how she feels?  

Be sure to tune in to RHeart Radio, the Fan's Voice tonight at 10pm (ET) when I have the pleasure of chatting with creator and star Matt Palazzolo, Executive Producer and star Fernanda Espindola and Producer Wiley Oscar!  RHeart Radio

Don't miss their #BloomersLive Google chat immediately following RHeart's interview at 11:00pm (ET)!   Watch Bloomers 

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