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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's About the Story

Joe Wilson reminds us all, that it's about the story after-all. If you are an online content creator of any sort, then you shouldn't pass up the valuable information contained in this interview with Joe Wilson (creator of Vampire Mob) as he breaks down the process of creating a web series. If you have already seen the interview, then use it as a refresher, if you haven't seen it and you are new to the online web series creation universe, then this should be on your must-watch list and saved in your toolbox for future reference; it's that important! When Mr. Wilson asks the question, "what story do you want to tell," he purposely filters out all the online video brimming with shock value footage whose sole purpose is focused on doing nothing more than chasing the going viral "golden-ring." That my friends is nothing more than hitting a video lottery. I know, there are some recent star antics that are laughing all the way to the bank, but the point is what story does it tell? Eventually, at some point, in the near future hopefully, we will be able to grapple with the "tsunami of content" coming at us, as Joe points out, and get some organize method of finding creative story-driven content. As a writer, that's my wish.



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