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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Web series represent the under-represented

Independently produced Web series give opportunities to the under-represented to represent themselves in multidimensional ways—people of color, people with disabilities, LGBT people, women of a certain age or who defy the Hollywood mold of beauty.

Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl and My Gimpy Life paved the way. Below are some trailers for Web series that I think will kick ass when they're done, and I hope you'll share the ones you feel are making waves being released right now.

Evolve is about an African American teen who gains supernatural powers.

And Sisters of Mercy is a Canadian production about two "underprivileged teens ... who gain power beyond their imagination."

Embed is disabled on this one, so click http://youtu.be/QrX9ftkq4X0.

Post some links!


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    1. It was late, and I was tired. Sorry. Will do it now.

  2. Another web series that deals with the under-represented.

    1. Thank you!

      I'm happy to see multiethnic casts, like in Bloomers: http://www.bloomerstheseries.com

      But I admire the cultural statement made by shows that are only (or predominantly) people of color in the cast, like C.A.K.E. the Series: http://youtu.be/2ArFGoQpJiQ

      It's a great expression of the democratic quality of the Web: to gain access regardless of power or status.

  3. Venus Spa had multiracial casts as well throughout it's history. Black, Latina, Asian, Metis, American Indian and East Indian respectively.

  4. Love this. Very exciting times!


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