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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We are all in the same boat..if we could only afford more paddles to help each other...

Being an online series Creator and Executive Producer is simply one of the most stressful challenges I have ever faced in my life. The road for Proper Manors has been a challenge, to say the least. The miles we have traveled are covered with many bodies and broken hearts that simply found the challenge to be overwhelming -- yet, as content creators committed to the web and committed to the show, the Producers and Creators, including myself, refused to give up. 

The first few episodes of Proper Manors were rough, to say the least, yet, even from that initial run of episodes in 2012, we gained some recognition, awards nominations and even a Best Actress Trophy for star Anne Sward in the Filmed in Utah Awards.

2013 found us with new Executive Producers, a new Production Company and some new additions to the cast. We had a lot of cleaning up to do and immediately focused on improving the on set sound and lighting, as well as making sure we tightened up the story. In Season One, we introduced the Sorrento family. In Season Two, now airing, we introduced the residents of the community of Proper, USA.

Then we had some losses, our main post-production supervisor died. Our Editor left on a Mormon mission. We had to again rebuild, which we did and made sure we again committed to increasing the quality of the show. The 2013 episodes brought us more award nominations, including one at the Indie Series Awards and yet another trophy - this one for Melinda Chilton as Best Supporting Actress in a Series, again at the Filmed in Utah Awards. Melinda is also known for her own Web Series, "Learn It In An Hour."

In 2014, we rebuilt the team and had two new production companies take over principal photography. We also started to gel as a well oiled machine. In Season 3, currently in Production, we tightened up the stories, added more drama, and made the decision to add video blogs and "Caught on Camera" snippets available to our fans. We also started producing and releasing departure and holiday episodes including the most recent one for Halloween, "Plan 9.6 from Outer Space," which was voted the #1 Series of the Week in the Indie Series Network Poll and gained some major recognition for some of our newer and veteran talent and was our first comedic episode.

We can't thank everyone enough for all of their support of Proper Manors and the positive word of mouth, sharing of links, votes for the show and more!

We have six production days left this year, and then we take a break until the Spring of 2015. In the meantime, new episodes and holiday episodes will continue to be released biweekly, and we have over 30 additional episodes in post-production. It's been a challenge and a labor of love. We have come a long way but still need a bit of help from our fans and peers in the web series community.

This is the last request this year for your support of our Indiegogo campaign for Proper Manors. (www.propermanors.tv Proper Manors, a show conceived by creator Pietro D'Alessio ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0194953/) when he was 12 years old in Plant City, Florida, attending Marshall Junior High, and pitched to his Mom, who the lad character of Blanche is based on, has demonstrated it is a viable form of entertainment.  In 2015, we will enter the 4th year of Production. The show again, for the 17th time out of 21 episodes, was voted a Top 3 series in the weekly Indie Series Network poll. We also have been nominated for 30 awards and have increased the quality of the show with teamwork. We need your support. Our Indiegogo campaign ends today. 

We are making a personal appeal for any type of donation - even $1, as well as an appeal that each of you please share this link via social media and also your personal and professional email circles. Every dollar makes a difference.  We have a few major financial goals to meet this year and line up for early next year. 

Even if you read this to late to donate, we do ask you check us out and give us a shout out so we can also check your show out. We are all in these Indie trenches together and need to help one another.

This will be the final email appeal for donations this year to our Indiegogo campaign - we promise!

Much love and respect to all of you -

Pietro D'Alessio and the Proper Manors team.


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