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Monday, January 5, 2015

Get a Life Coach Series Premier

She may not be a certified life coach.  And, she may have lived in a Target in New Jersey.  But, after getting her first client Peggy (Jenn Dodd of The PIT), Monica carpe diems and learns the meaning of life coaching.

Written a produced by Monica Hammond, this new comedy web series is about a life coach who is struggling to make it in the cutthroat world of self-help.  Monica has an entreprenurial spirit and seeks to inspire her clients to find success and personal achievement through a myriad of questionable coaching techniques.  The series features an eclectic array of New Yorkers, ranging from a thrifty weed dealer repelled by Monica's misguided e-blast in episode "Dealing with Dealing", to a chronically single philanthropist who agrees to befriend a burrito in episode "Burrito Therapy".

Get a Life Coach was an official selection of the inaugural year of the NYC Web Fest, as well as the Brainfarts Film Festival.  The first episode of a 7-episode season premieres on GetaLifeCoachSeries.com on Monday, January 5th.  

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