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Monday, May 4, 2015

'F&$king Classy!' is heading to the West Coast!

Victoria Films has partnered up with Isabelo Pascual, executive producer and creator and creator of the national comedy platform: 'F&$king Classy!' F&$king Classy!' is a new national platform for raunchy underground comedians. So far the show has featured comics from Connecticut, New Jersey, New York… and soon from California (and elsewhere). The project aims at creating a voice for those who enjoy "CLASSY" comedy, a professional national platform where comedians can express themselves without being censored and that is why Victoria Films will  showcase the next episodes and artists on its Channel. 'F&$king Classy!' is RAW and CLASSY, and FREE.

We've decided to set up and run a short and quick kickstarter campaign to raise awareness, spread the word among the audience,and help discover more talent: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stayfkingclassy/fandking-classy-0  

Victoria Films a self-described “next-generation media company" founded in 2014 produces independent films, commercials and music videos. "Primarily focused on empowering creators and growing brands, we aim at building audiences for independent voices and that's why we felt  'F&$king Classy!' fits in our mission" said Founder and CEO Najat Jellab.

Check them out and give them a go, only 5 days left!

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