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Monday, July 27, 2015

Please join Web Series Friends!

Hello Again! This is Anthony Davis posting another post for Web Series Today.

In my last post, which you can see here: http://www.webseriestoday.com/2015/07/vanessa-verduga-hangout-introducion.html I introduced myself a little and told my story of how I got involved with the web series community.

I have been a vlogger for over 8 years now & I have vlogged about many things in my life. Of all the things that I have ever vlogged about, I have never had a zeal for anything like I have for web series & the Web Series community.  If you would like to see my vlogs then you can see them here:

Listersmate2 Vlogs

I LOVE web series & I LOVE the web series community!!!! I have found some of the most friendly, kind, passionate, & welcoming people in my life!!!! Everyone of them have a love for their craft & love entertaining people with their series. The one thing that I have never understood though is why they don't have the exposure that they truly need.

\I originally found out about web series and the community around it because of Jeff Burns & his weekly hangout on Wednesday nights, Super Geeeked Up! www.youtube.com/skuwebseries

Through them, I found out about the people at SnobbyRobot
\http://snobbyrobot.com/ & also the people at WebVeeGuide http://webveeguide.com/
Both of these groups have done an EXCELLENT job rating and telling people about the many web series that are available & also reviewing them as well.Then of coarse, there is Web Series Today....which you are on now! www.webseriestoday.com

A few months ago, I did a search on Facebook & did find that there were a few groups out there for web series & I joined many of them. I visit them often on a daily basis. Each web series has done a great job out getting the word out about their series through them.

Many people in the community encouraged me to do my part in getting the word out about web series and so I created my own called Web Series Friends:


Are you a web series creator? Are you an actor looking to get into a web series to add onto your resume? Are you just interested in web series in general and are looking to get to know some really cool people in the web series community? Then join my group then....Web Series Friends!

I encourage people to join for the reasons listed above. It's my little way to give back to the web series community. I am not able to financially  help like I would love to do, so doing things like this Facebook page....along with the hangouts that I have on my channel to promote the series & their creators is just my way to help.


  1. Love your passion, Anthony. The web series community is lucky to have your support. You are a Tweetheart!!


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