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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Vanessa Verduga Hangout & Introduction


Since this is my 1st post here on Web Series Today I thought I'd tell a little about myself & how I've gotten involved with the web series community.

My name is Anthony Davis. I have been a vlogger on YouTube since October of 2007. I have vlogged about many things in my life, anything from family's events to rants and raves I have had about different topics in my life.

Last May, May 2014, I was very bored on a Wednesday night and I came across a hangout called Super Geeked Up!

I am sure that many people in here know of Jeff Burns & his hangout Super Geeked Up! If you don't know of it, then you should check it out here:

Super Geeked Up/SuperKnocked Up

Each week I watched & participated in the hangouts & I have gotten to know many people, both creators & actors of the Web Series Community. It has opened a huge & wonderful world to me & has allowed me to become a part of a close knit family that I love!!

It also has allowed me to start a segment on my channel that I like to call Semi-Impromptu Interviews. In these "interviews" I have been able to have people on & promote their stuff. Here is one that I had on Sunday July 26th 2015 with Vanessa Verduga of Justice Woman:

 I hope everyone enjoys my "interview" and I hope to post more in the future.

Anthony Davis


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  2. Thanks man! I appreciate it! I think it's fixed now. I just need to bookmark that page so that I can get back to it for future reference.

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