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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Not so happy Valentine, a posh word for 'client' ... Shades Of Bad's dark approach

Shades Of Bad rather reflects the darker side of life. So what do we do for #Valentine? 
It has to be very dark, stay with it.......

Doris: What have you done to my kitchen. This is where I unpack my takeouts!" A line from episode 36 when Doris arrives back from a celebratory weekend at a spa to find Wilma has made an Emily Pankhurst type protest about being left to run her mini brothel and it has gone wrong..... too dark?

The humour in Shades OF Bad is more than often if not always deeply politically motivated and sometimes has just the occasional little knock at bankers and local councillors. (Reg our councillor was nominated in Hollywood last week, see previous blog).

The show itself was also nominated at Finow in Germany this week, so some of the buttons the team press are connecting.

With Doris we have tried to give her the zero remorse attitude that most people take to work on a daily basis, the need for cash and fame that would have a government sell off its nations utilities and protect the bankers that destroyed millions of people's lives. 

We cannot do as much as the major films that will steal the awards this year; SPOTLIGHT that tells the horror of child abuse by catholic priests, and THE BIG SHORT that asks how the super greed of the bankers has not found them all in prison. But we do our bit from Doris's kitchen.... (prepare to leave)

So how do we approach #Valentines day. Well, as you know if you have been watching, Doris had an unwanted Mother-in-Law after her husband left her for the next door neighbour, her best friend Wilma. So Doris has started a little brothel and the mother in law seems to be busy but Doris thinks that Wilma can take the better clients, the Valentines.

by the way.....

This lead to our first ever complaint. Let me explain.... a gentleman contacted me saying he would no longer watch Shades OF Bad as we were making fun of the mentally ill. He was referring to the fact that the mother-in-law is put to work in the brothel unknowingly, with Doris convincing her that all the customers are the same man but that she has facial recognition dementia. I replied and apologised that we had not been clever enough to make the point clearer, but no one in the show is mentally ill, unless you suggest that Doris is a psychopath, then yet, hands up. What the show is knocking is how as a nation we accept when it is convenient, that we can pursued each other what they should believe, from bringing a child up in a religion and having them confirmed, to selling. It is no different unless you wish to excuse it as so. Our exchanges ended and my guess is he will not watch and may have been more offended, but we just try and highlight the odd by the obscure and keep it light and dark. So the brothel is the key to our Valentines reach, though it is purely a vehicle to get Doris noticed and as society reveals many people will do many things to get noticed. Doris is later head hunted for far greater crimes. But back to Valentines day, the day of the BAFTAS and the revealing of crime ..... (my vote went to The Big Short).

As Doris says, 'well, you have rather lat your self go". But in a thought she adds, "but if we keep the lights off".  Wilma's protest goes wrong and Doris berates her when she returns....

It does get a little edgy when Wilma grabs for a knife with the wrath of Thatcher.

So, if you are on a smart device you can just click next episode and jump the titles, otherwise let us explain...... how the two girls get to leave the kitchen soon.

Doris defeats Wilma as she always does as she has bought a gun, and she has Wilma feel the guilt and scrub the kitchen. Maybe Wilma should buy her a new one. It is always reflects an attitude of what Doris can get out of life. Wilma takes the butt of it.

So, Doris is now convincing Wilma that she should do the better clients, the ones she can call #Valentines.

The upshot is that Wilma not wanting to do that, will agree to do other things, and as you will see by the end of 38 they have a dead body in the kitchen. Wilma will have to stay and they will have to leave the kitchen to dispose of the dead body. The show will grow and season 3 will be more ambitious. Enjoy. Do engage......

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