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Friday, February 12, 2016

IMDB number rockets up.... numbers count for actors

IMDB number rocket up.... numbers count for actors

Is web the new fringe theatre.... 

This week I am tweeting about numbers, not just because we went to Odette's restaurant in Primrose Hill. The reservation was made in an unknown name but they knew we were to arrive because our daughter Laura Aikman who has quite a few followers, had tweeted she was looking forward to it, so the reception they gave was just a touch more special ..... but because one of the actors in Jean's (Jean Heard) web TV series Shades Of Bad saw his IMDB numbers sky rocket.

Richard Beaumont hit numbers approaching 6,000 this week, and take it from me that is great. I know that you may not be able to see the numbers unless you subscribe to the 'pro' version but these numbers gauge the response to actors and their box office and social media numbers.

When I tell you that Ricky, as we know him, doesn't even know what a computer is and thinks tweeting is what the birds do in his garden, it make the arty little geniuss achievement even more special. It also makes it more special when I suggest that unless there were huge re-runs of Digby the Dog, the show he is on is Shades Of Bad, where he is brilliant. What also triggers numbers and notification was that he was singled out for nomination in Hollywood this week, as best Guest actor in a TV Web Series, SHADES OF BAD.

Let's ponder, as a fan of Edinburgh Festival and the Fringe where Jean has taken two productions we have funded, I can say that actors do that in the hope they will get a good review, possibly be seen and find a room to work. Yet, however hard they work that town they could not get nominated in tinsel town or see their IMDB numbers rise.

So is fringe the new web theatre. YES !!!!!!

Since July last year Shades Of Bad has enjoyed a place in the world web chart that Indie Series put's together, and the actors have spent less time than they have when touring a play and less money. Should any casting director wish to see them, they can send a link to any of the 40 episodes live and find one that is closest to the casting brief.

As we hit 2016 everyone is making web series and my guess is there will be a web series TV channel soon. They will be buying up (maybe on share deals) the best series. If I had the energy I would. Who will be the first, the guys at ZooliTv? Who knows, me thinks there will be many. As well as Makers we are on a number of channels.

So, I want to say, well done Jean and the team for competing against TV shows with huge crews when Shades OF Bad is made with two crew. One shooting, one post. It has stretched to five. (I am not including me and Luke who just put the money up and point a finger, that role is just credit worthy it is not real).

This week the show was also nominated at FINOW in Germany and it has been nominated in heralded in France and Italy. Isn't the web wonderful, and isn't it fantastic that you can get yourself out there?

So, Ricky, show them your stuff. (I didn't know which episode to put up so went for 31, but see 32 and on) some of the earlier ones are good too. He joined in Ep 31, then sadly, bites the dust at Doris's hand)

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