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Monday, July 25, 2016

In the race to sell phone apps, TV got left behind. Now coming up on the rear ......

Will TV operating systems bring us to the Tipping Point?

In the race to sell apps to phones and other devices, and sell those devices, those people were not selling TV's, therefore, saw no value in the TV market, which was old and stayed.

The broadcasters did not want TV's to do anything else other than play their channels.

So no one wanted TV to succeed.

Modern TV History

So, TV's stayed stupid, though they may have called themselves smart. Just as much of a lie as when TV's went from 625 line to 720 lines and called themselves HD .... not.

1080 is not really HD when the local electronics shops are selling 4k cameras and we use 6k+ cameras... yes, they lie. As the engineer says in Miss Saigon, "everyone lies!"

So, the television got left behind. It remained just a screen. A giant screen, that was and still is rather stupid and limited. However, it is obvious that with a few added semi conductor chips it could do so much more yet still to this day, does not. But just engaging that logic you can see that the television could end up being the main device in the house to communicate with the outside world. It could be part of the house telephone.... linking the many screens in conferences. 

Mum - "can you come down for dinner?"
Son - "Mum, I'm busy!"
Mum, - "I can see what you are doing, leave that and come and eat."

Multiple screens. We have an average of four per person, it is reckoned we will have 10 screens each within 2 years. Who would have thought?

Remember the film Rollerball with James Caan, he had multiple TV screens on the wall playing many channels and doing so much, so we have all known that the future was a wall of screens doing all sorts.

So who has been holding back TV advancement ?

Broadcasters? Money, power and politics are the fight that restrains viewer choice. VHS won the tape wars but was the worst quality of the three. Betamax being way better and Phillips by far the best. However, the market share became controlled by EMI, who owned DER and Rediffusion and used VHS. So why have the TV's not become phones, who would have restrained that very advance but the phone companies, not that we are suggesting that would or did happen. But, in the 5th largest economy in the world, the UK, only 2% of the UK's end users have fibre optics internet supply. We cannot get it in Northwest London despite continual requests. That fibre high speed internet reaches 70% of the population in Japan, 60% in Korea. Sharon White of Ofcom whats the UK to have 40% fibre within ten years. So to clarify Sharon, your goal is to have us about half as good in ten years time as Japan is today? When the USA has gone beyond fibre and are beginning to roll out 5G?

5G, a faster system of waves using bandwidths. So, as fibre becomes yesterday's technology, we are starting to push for it. Why? If it went, would it not put BT's Open Reach system obsolete, surely Ofcom could not vote for that? Oh, maybe that is why they .....

So who will invest in the dying and fast being outdated fibre, Sky have already refused.
So, you understand the politics of opening up the TV to the freedom to let the public watch what they want to watch on a device on the wall they can control, is not what ..... hang on, is that not the suppression the Communist countries had. Ours is just driven by...... what, if not money and power?

Proper Smart TV could see the end of Broadcast TV, that is the BBC and ITV, and give Ofcom a headache. No one can predict the future, but the 'tipping point' is round the corner. That tipping point is when your TV's start to get smart, internet/web use is fast, and viewers watch what they want. The Tipping Point is now the official term in the industry for mass change to internet and the broadcasters and current power owners are dreading it, just as is Ofcom, because at the moment they can control the standard broadcasters (except for the coverage and news on both sides of the Brexit debate which is accepted was appalling).


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